About Prepwise

At our core we are an education company dedicated to building better thinkers. Prepwise was founded in 2012 as a private education and career development firm to assist families with generational planning.

We share a common vision for building industry leaders and providing value-added support to high achievers. We measure our achievements in terms of long-term personal and professional growth for our candidates. We partner to build something bigger and stronger, connecting patient advising with expert educators adding value over time.

We have dedicated ourselves to the following principles of education and career planning:

PASSION for building smarter students and more capable professionals

PATIENCE with developing student skills

PERSISTENCE in overcoming obstacles and preparing for next steps

PARTNERSHIP with our families and the portfolio of companies and schools they represent

PERFORMANCE by delivering value to our active students and their families

Do you plan to pass assets to your children? Get the peace of mind knowing they are prepared for the responsibilities and opportunities you have worked hard to provide. Send an email to introduce yourself. We’re honored to work with you:

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