What we can do for you.

You’re taking your place among the next global leaders in diplomacy, economics, industry, and finance. And the right MBA is part of your plan. We get you there.

With unique learning products and premium one-on-one support for GMAT and MBA application prep, Prepwise boasts a range of powerful tools to help you maximize results quickly and position yourself successfully as an applicant.

At Prepwise, you’ll find expert-designed courses, assessments, and private coaching designed to help pre-MBA candidates and young professionals in career transition gain access to their top school and career choices.

But positioning yourself for entrance into a top-three MBA program is only one part of achieving your goal …

If your efforts don’t have strategic relevance to a crystal-clear career plan, you’re likely to end up like the 68% of “career switcher” MBA students in the class of 2012 – right back where you started, but 2 years older. Business school is not the time to “Find yourself.” It is a strategic choice.

A solid foundation for achievement must include:

  • Recognizing your objectives
  • Aligning your goals and objectives with your core values
  • Planning for purposeful action

What makes Prepwise different? We help you focus your skills and interests into work that’s personally meaningful and economically viable.

Who we are.

At our core we are an education company dedicated to building better thinkers.

We share a common vision for building industry leaders and providing value-added support to high achievers as early as age 15, but more typically age 21 through 34: your early career and first few transitions. We measure our achievements in terms of long-term personal and professional growth for you. We partner to build your vision – even if it’s foggy today.

Connecting patient advising with expert education

We have dedicated ourselves to the following principles of education and career planning:

PASSION for building smarter students and more capable professionals

PATIENCE with developing student skills

PERSISTENCE in overcoming obstacles and preparing for next steps

PARTNERSHIP with our families and the portfolio of companies and schools they represent

PERFORMANCE by delivering value to our active students and their families


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