How do candidates work with us?

Most candidates choose to see us in person in New York for one-on-one instruction. While not necessary, it does allow us to get to know you and helps us get the best out of you. We also have a budding portfolio of mobile games and an annual summer camp for those who want to squeeze the most out of the process during downtime.


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About Prepwise

We envision a world where parents feel confident that they have successfully given the tools for life to their children. Students are our partners in the process. To make learning less drudge-tastic and more effective, we build mobile, social games to compliment our individual coaching, and we encourage our younger students to prepare with us over the summer rather than heap more work on a busy school year.

At our core we are an education company dedicated to building better thinkers, happier students and smarter adults.

We are most appealing to driven candidates who like to move quickly. Our team has a unique ability to understand what makes our clients “tick”. Complementing our client’s values, motivations, and goals is the key to a successful relationship. Our proprietary assessments enable us to identify talent and strengths within our candidates so we can make meaningful progress immediately. We empower students with better personal data and custom plans.

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