Hi, I have a Gmat score of 660 with 44Q and 37V, I have 8 yrs of exp, what is chance of getting into a top 20?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: GMATHi, I have a Gmat score of 660 with 44Q and 37V, I have 8 yrs of exp, what is chance of getting into a top 20?
amkarthick86 asked 2 years ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 2 years ago

HI! So . . . a couple of things….

1. Your quant score is a bit light. That works against you.
2. Your overall score is a bit light for top 10 (which is really 16 schools), but starts to be the bottom of the 80% range for schools 10-20. That works against you as well.
3. Relatively speaking, you have a lot of work experience. This is a giant question mark so I’m diving in here.

Deep dive:
Work experience, 8 years.
Good: If you are a scientist or other professional that requires (essentially) an extended apprenticeship – okay, 8 years is a reasonable amount of experience to gain before you decide, dang I want to make more $$. Those business guys are making more than I am despite my PhD/Masters/high quality research so, MBA here I come. As an expert in a field, you bring a different flavor to the MBA schmorgasborg.

Almost Good: If you are recently or soon to be out of the military, your work experience will be viewed favorably. BUT!!! You are not likely to know what you want to do post bschool in a concrete way and you are likely to totally fumble the MBA admission process. (This happens more than you might think). Please please please, work with someone who understands how to help high caliber military transition to high powered careers (plug for me goes here).

BAD: If you’ve had a series of jobs post undergrad perhaps not in any one field. Maybe in moderately managerial positions? Yeah, you’ve been out a while, you may not have distinguished yourself and . . . you’re now a bit old for a FT MBA. 30+ is not a problem for the MBA technically, but see cases #1 and #2 for examples of better ways to tackle the MBA as 30+. Without more info I have to assume the worst case. You worked in shadows for a few years, maybe you have a technical team now or you manage a store or even a region. You might be awesome in many ways, but you are not top tier for bschool. Bottom half of the top 20s, maybe – if you have several other things going for you. The career may look like deadend to the adcoms.

BUT, as a 30+, if your experience is solid, but not Presidential, consider a top tier EMBA. There are some absolutely stellar EMBA programs that will embed you with a stronger core network than that same school’s FT MBA. Not naming any names, but there’s one in Philly that comes to mind….

Good luck!

amkarthick86 answered 2 years ago

Hi, thanks for your answer, that really helps.
BTW, i belong to case 1, have solid 8 yrs of exp as professional in Information Technology field and 29 now, not 30 yet:).

just couldn’t decide which would be my best bet, a FT or EMBA.