What are Investment Banking Training Core Courses?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Finance CareersWhat are Investment Banking Training Core Courses?
Kate McKeon Staff asked 1 year ago

What needs to be done to prepare for Investment Banking jobs?

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 1 year ago

These set of core courses on Investment Banking start from the basic operations at an Investment Bank to imparting core practical training on the same. Some of the core courses include analyst accounting, valuations, public comps, discounted cash flows or DCF Modeling, IPO modeling, Private Equity Modeling, LBO Modeling, Equity Research, Pitch book, Fixed Income and many more.

Kate McKeon Staff answered 1 year ago

Investment Banking Training introduces individuals and companies to a number of investment banking trainers that cover topics including: how to approach private equity dealings, cash flow modeling, mergers and acquisitions valuations for entire businesses, buyouts, finance for specific projects, research into equity, finance for corporate companies, and transactions between national and international investment banks.

These courses can be found across the globe, and are often of great value to worldwide banking groups, as well as hedge funds across the globe.