What finance related job pays most?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Finance CareersWhat finance related job pays most?
Abbott asked 2 years ago

The higest paying jobs in the finance industry are:

1. Chief risk officer
Chief risk officer jobs in the finance industry can pay up to seven figures. Some individuals working this position can even bring in up to $3 million on an annual basis.

2. Head of research at a hedge fund
Individuals working this job could find themselves being paid anywhere from $1 to $20 million dollars.

3. Financial managers
Financial managers oversee the finances of corporations, agencies and all other organizations. They are usually paid in the seven figures.

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Career Dev Staff Staff answered 1 year ago

As you might expect, most of the highest paid jobs fall under the banking and investment-banking umbrella. For the most impressive bank balance, you might consider the following occupations: Fundraiser for hedge funds and asset managers; Origination banker; M&A and leveraged finance banker; Investment bank trader; Structurer in Investment banking.
The annual salaries of established workers in these areas take home between $500,000 to $1,000,000.