MBA Prep Options


Self-Paced GMAT Prep
(GMAT Gold)

Finish your GMAT prep in as little or as long as you need. Use the same problem decks Kate's GMAT students use so you can focus on what matters! Content Video Lessons only available to Self-paced students.

Available with GMAT Gold and MBA+GMAT Gold memberships.​


30-Day GMAT Prep

Best Budget-friendly option!

Each day a new lesson focusing on 6-10 problems opens up. Master just those 6-10 problems and you'll be done with the GMAT in 30-days. You can use the program longer than 30 days (all lessons open after 30 days), but you can also be totally done with GMAT prep by the end of the 30 days. Afraid you'll get behind? That's okay too. Lessons become available each day so you can catch up over the weekend or on long flights. The lessons are organized to be done in as few as 30 minutes a day. 

Included as part of GMAT Basic, GMAT Gold, MBA+GMAT Basic and MBA+GMAT Gold. options.

Tutoring Options

From a few individual hours to full prep plans, tutoring students must be enrolled in one of my courses or go through the Pre/Post GMAT Evaluation to be added to the tutoring roster. If you are in one of the online courses you will have direct access to appointment bookings. If you are just getting introduced, please sign up for the evaluation below. 

“ … going through random dark rooms in my brain and flipping the light switches on”

“… by far, the best instructor I’ve worked with”

“… amazing in and beyond the classroom!”

Still not sure what to do? Send me a note:

Pre/Post GMAT Evaluation

Not sure if the GMAT is right for you? Thinking you need to retake? You know you need the GMAT but aren't sure what you need to do - really - to prepare? I've got your back. Come in for one hour. We'll do all the legwork on your GMAT power. Do you have to have a 740? Really? Some students need it. It's always nice to be 740+ but do you have to have it? If so, how do you get there with your skills and weaknesses? And how long will it take. We'll answer all of these Q and more. 

MBA Applications

Self-Paced MBA Application Prep (MBA Basic)

Get access to the materials and exercises my students use to prepare to write their applications. With 97.8% acceptance rate at their #1 school, my students know, if you do the right pre-work, the essays, letters, short prompts, and interviews come together magically.

Available with MBA Basic, MBA Gold, MBA+GMAT Basic , and MBA+GMAT Gold memberships.

Live Course! (MBA Gold)

Life is busy enough. Why recreate the wheel? I've worked with hundreds of MBA applicants 1-1 who go on to top 5 programs, Rounds 1, 2, and 3! We can't change your GPA. We can't change the career choices you've made so far. But we can determine the best way forward with your applications. Over 2-days you will get through all of the pre-work, 2 drafts of (1) school's essays, and plenty of time to ask me for personal feedback.

Be more than 80% done in one weekend and confident you've done the RIGHT stuff.

BONUS: Before you hit submit, I'll even read through one application for you giving you my take on your profile, your competitiveness, and the fixes you can make now to be a better candidate today. 

Concerned you won't be able to make each session (4 sessions over 2 days)? Each live session is recorded with the live Q&A. So even if you can't ask your particular question, your classmates might. Best to choose a weekend you are most able to attend, but no sweat if you miss a session. You can watch it later (usually within 30minutes of session ending).​

Space is limited

Next Date: 

September 22-24, 2017

Not sure what you need but know some pointed advice will help? 

Come in. We can cover just about anything career (and life) related. Sometimes you need a different perspective. If you grew up with lawyers, you need someone in business. If your parents were in finance, maybe you need broader industry perspective. I've worked with students as young as 12 and as old as 46, industries ranging from finance to construction to NGO aid to startup tech, Humanitarian to Hedge Fund. Let's get you some answers.

“Makes me wonder if she has a crystal ball….” –former client


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FREE Checklists and Study Plans

GMAT Before and After Plan
GMAT Checklist
GMAT Last Week Plan
GMAT Massive Overhaul Plan


  • The 30-Day GMAT Prep Program
  • Daily Quizzes with Video explanations
  • Save key lessons to your dashboard
  • Keep your notes tied to your lessons within the dash.

$99 / month
$500/ 6-months


  • All GMAT Basic
  • GMAT Self Paced with additional content lessons
  • GMAT Master Sets Q&V

$300 / month
$800 / 6-months


All you need to Get In..

GMAT Resources and
MBA Resources

BASIC MBA Apps and GMAT Prep

  • All GMAT Basic
  • All MBA Basic

$99 / 10 days

$799 / six-months


  • All MBA GOLD
  • Additional Personal Strategy Session
  • Phone Support



Finish what you've started.

FREE App Map and App Journey

MBA App Map
MBA Application Journey
MBA Interviews
Essentials of Resume Writing

BASIC MBA Applications

  • MBA Readiness Checklist
  • MBA School Action Plans
  • MBA App Self Guided Course
  • School Specific information to keep track of your progress

$500 / six-months


  • All MBA Applications Basic
  • MBA App Bootcamp - LIVE
  • 6-month support
  • Single School Application Evaluation