3 Time Management Methods To Avoid

During my college years, I learned many great methods of time management, but I also learned which methods do not work out so well.


Below are three time management methods that I discovered are not the best options.

1.   Frequent and Untimed Breaks

Almost all of the anti-procrastination tips I read online during college included the advice of taking breaks every so often. The problem arose for me when I couldn’t seem to motivate myself to end the break.  If I realized that I had already gone past my allotted fifteen minutes, I would think, “Well, what could fifteen more minutes hurt?”  Fifteen more minutes, however, quickly turned into thirty minutes, which then ran into an hour. To counteract this “break trap,” I began timing my breaks and setting an alarm to ensure that I would spend an adequate amount of time on my studies.Rewards and work

2.  Accountability Partners that Become Moms (or Dads)

Accountability partners are great when they are studying the same material as you.  They can be the best study partners!  However, enlisting a friend or roommate –who will not be studying or working alongside you –to hold you accountable for finishing assignments or reviewing material is not the best idea.  I personally cannot tolerate the idea of someone constantly telling me that I need to study or that I should be working on my assignment rather than spending time with friends.  While those things may be true, hearing someone else nag at me to do them actually demotivates me and causes me to avoid the tasks even more.  This may seem immature and silly, but it did occur, and I learned that I need to hold myself accountable, rather than ask someone else to act as my parent and remind me to get things done.

3.  Over-Rewarding Oneself

Rewards can be great, but they can also be distracting, depending on what you are rewarding yourself.  In fact, figuring out how to reward myself for completing a school-related task took more time for me to accomplish than was beneficial to my work ethic.  For example, if I rewarded myself with getting to go online, read a non-school-related book, or watch a television show or movie, I often found myself spending too much time on the reward.  Sometimes, I discovered, it is better to reward oneself after all assignments are completed, rather than attempting to insert rewards after every small task is finished.




5 Time Management Methods that Worked For Me

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