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Is this course for me?

If you have graduated from a 4-year university, studied a reasonably rigorous curriculum successfully, and taken at least one standardized test such as the SAT, ACT, LSAT, or MCAT, you will benefit from this course.

Finish the GMAT in 30 Days

The GMAT Score you want. The support you need. No extra fluff.

If you’re looking at top MBA programs such as Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton, how will you set yourself apart? What would it be worth to you to practically guarantee admission to your number one choice?

With only 11-13% of applicants accepted into Harvard Business School’s MBA program over the past five years, you’ll need more than an outstanding GPA or killer recs to get in.

● You’ll have to demonstrate leadership throughout your career as a student and professional.● You’ll need to show an impressive history of community engagement.● You’ll have to tell your story in a way that demonstrates to the admissions officers that your unique background and perspective are going to significantly enrich the community and contribute to group learning through the case study method and team collaborations.

But if your GMAT score doesn’t support your transcript and resume,it could be a fatal blow to your live application.

Retaking the GMAT is not enough.

Think retaking the GMAT until your score magically improves will help? In practice, simply retaking the test will not provide a significant improvement. You’ll need to do more to make it worth your while. And for most applicants, that means focusing on individualized specific learning areas. Is your quant score what it should be? Does it make sense for you spend more effort on certain areas of the verbal section?

With the limited time you have before your target admissions deadline, you’ll need both a comprehensive overview and a way to know where to focus for the greatest ROI of your time and money.

Welcome to my GMAT 30-Day Prep course.

In this course, you’ll have instant access to

● practice problems carefully chosen to hit critical topics for review● video solutions that lead to thorough understanding – we’re going beyond rote memorization, formula approaches, or “plug-and-chug”● master lessons that teach critical language, analysis, and reasoning concepts

In each video, I teach concept mastery and show you flexible approaches for solving entire categories of the kinds of problems you’ll face on test day. You’ll have access to the entire program in an easy-to-use online portal that has been optimized for smart devices as well as your desktop.

Each day starts with a timed quiz. Nothing like real prep can get you ready for the test, 12-20 minutes, and yes the timer will cut you off. Just like the test will. Once you’ve answered the 6-10 questions, you can download the PDF to follow along in the videos. With clear, whiteboard-style graphics, I’ll walk you step-by-step through these key problems. Enjoy clear explanations that go beyond simple solutions. With me, you’ll learn strategy. Most videos are under 5 minutes. You may need to rewatch a few times, but each lesson is a bite-sized chunk.

And that’s it. You’re done for the day. Master just a handful of problems each day and you can reach your score goals.

Watch the videos over and over again as needed to reinforce what you’ve learned. You’ll have unlimited access to the course material while enrolled.

Flexibility and convenience.

Begin immediately. Do the work any time, any place. Access your lessons at your desk, poolside, or on the road – wherever you can hop online through our app and website. Even with a complicated schedule and commitments, you can take this course. Bite-sized, daily lessons to get you through the game changing GMAT material in 30-days.

Ready? Get started now.

Here’s how you can practically guarantee admission to your number one choice

All of my GMAT course students will have priority access to exclusive one-on-one student lesson with me. With the addition of these optional coaching sessions, I can help you save valuable time to get the results you need, faster than you think possible. I’ll help you identify and strengthen weak skill and knowledge areas to ensure that you meet your goals.

I have over a decade of experience helping high achievers gain entrance into their first choice school. With personal access to expert coaching with proven results … you can be on your way to the career you planned for.

“… amazing in and beyond the classroom!”

“I did it!! I scored 730 this morning with 68th percentile in Quant and 99th percentile in Verbal. I’m super happy and really wanted to thank you for your help and support, you’ve been amazing in and beyond the classroom!”

“ … going through random dark rooms in my brain and flipping the light switches on”

“… happy with my results.”

“I ended up getting into, not one, but two of the top business schools”

30 Day GMAT Prep – Every day another course module is unlocked – this keeps you on pace without overwhelm. Past modules are always available for review. Purchase the monthly renewable program, start and stop any time. Each day is arranged as 6-10 micro lessons, 3-8 minutes each.

BONUS: Once you are enrolled, you also get access to the master list of problems I use with my tutoring clients in a giant spreadsheet – sorted by category and importance in addition to your daily lessons.

You will have all the tools you need to successfully reach your GMAT goal.

Priority private coaching consultations are available to enrollees. More information in your student account.


The Course includes lessons covering the following topics:


Number Properties

● Number Theory● Remainders● Divisibility and Primes

Boundaries and Constraints

● Rates/Work● Mixtures● Estimating


● Algebra● Speed


● Shapes● Concepts● Speed


Sentence Correction

● Subject-Verb matching● Parallelism● Pronouns and Modifiers

Critical Reasoning

● Assumptions● Logic

Reading Comprehension

● Advanced Reading Concepts● Test-oriented Reading

Bringing it Together

● Integrated Reasoning● AWA – Analytical Writing Assessment● Test Taking Strategies● Practice Tests


Steady daily progress to reach your GMAT goal. If you can spare 30 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, you can tackle the GMAT.

  • 30-Day GMAT Course
  • 6-10 Question Quiz
  • Video Explanation of Questions
  • PDF download to review Day
  • Master 6-10 questions/day
  • Notepad saved to your dashboard
  • Save favorites for easy reference
  • Online and email Support
  • 6-Month Access or 30-Day “Trial”
  • Email Tips and Tricks
  • Additional GMAT prep resources
  • Critical Reasoning Reading Materials
  • Sentence Correction Quick Guide
  • Recommendations for Extra Prep
  • Additional MBA application resources

No Nonsense, straight forward, best low-budget option. Be done in 30-days!

Keep it Simple. Get it Done.

Hi! I’m Kate your teacher. I’m thrilled to work with you. Ultimately you want the flexibility and choice that comes with maximizing your GMAT score. I’m here to help. Once you enroll you’ll get email confirmations for your payment and your account. You’ll also get a welcome from me with my contact information. Reach out if you need help along the way.