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Would a gap of 2 years after an undergraduate degree impact my chances of getting into a graduate school?

"How much it hurts does depend on which field within engineering – I didn’t see it listed. Doing anything technical or quantitative would be better than retail unless you plan to move into management or sales. If sales interests you, you should apply for …”

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

GMAT Tip - Applications are available and if you love Columbia, yours should already be submitted. HBS also should be done. If your GMAT score is haunting you, time to ramp up study or push to round 2. Better to submit the best overall application than a sloppy early application!!

Myths that will not die.

Does early cancer detection really lead to better outcomes? How about exponential population growth - will we starve by (pick a date)? How about the "truth" of antioxidants? My fav of course is the myth that you learn best in your preferred learning style: visual or verbal for example. Here's some research to back up your next conversation: Myths that will not die.

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Application tip

Ever had a friend give you grief about good versus well? They're probably wrong. Learn it, then flip that shaming next time it happens. Good v Well, the struggle (against grammar jerks) continues....Want my feedback on parts of your application? Add your request here by asking a question. Remember to tag it Ask Kate, MBA so I'll find it!

Admission Scams.

"Today’s application inflation is a cause and symptom of the uncertainty in admissions. As application totals soar, colleges struggle to predict yield — the number of admitted students who actually attend — leading to longer wait lists and other competitive enrollment tactics. Students hedge against the plummeting admissions rates by flooding the system with even more applications."

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