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GMAT 640 (Q49/V28/IR6/AWA5)- MSc finance

Kate: ..."Good news, bad news.

While MS Finc is a very quant based program, 640 is not competitive in the top 15 schools. I’m less familiar with those below that. The 49 is okay, but because the MS Finc is a quant based program, a 49 is basically at the LOW end of the scale even though you’re really limited to 50/51 as improvements. Almost 8% of GMAT test takers are now scoring 51. You need to be in that 8%...."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

With 11 weeks before Round 1 MBA applications drop, you'd better be finishing your GMAT prep. If you still haven't nailed the test, you have 3-4 weeks left before either panic or push to round 2 becomes your reality.

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Keep cranking! If you have a goal, we have a plan. - Kate

GMAT Material

Brain Food.

If you are taking advantage of the summer to hit the books to prepare for the GMAT / GRE / LSAT, feed your brain what it needs. These ingredients will help you retain information and produce energy! Try out the following tips before the test date and see how your brain reacts.

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Application tip

What stories do you have that point to your ability to convince people to follow you? Did you lead a group in College? Have you Captained or been the Emotional leader of a team? Have you sold - books, cars, programming services? Has anyone (regularly) purchased from you? Do you have a cooking blog?It doesn't have to be work related, but you should be able to demonstrate that people are willing to follow your lead. Just make sure to keep it appropriate. We don't want to hear about your ability to lead a drunken wedding party to skinny dip in the ocean. You'd be surprised what people try to incorporate into their essays....

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Notes from Kate.

Tutoring is available on a limited basis in June and July so please help me help you - get on the schedule sooner rather than later. As a loyal reader you get dibs over strangers.

Also now open this week, Office Hours! Any question you want to ask, for 15 minutes. I'll even field homework questions from my competitors.

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