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How do I put together my first pitch book?

Creating your first pitch book can be daunting, especially when your audience will likely be hot on the subjects you are covering. By implementing all of major components I am about to mention, you can be sure to avoid embarrassment when presenting your first pitch book to your peers.
Generally, pitch books have nothing to do with books, they are more often than not PowerPoint presentations to take you listeners through a specific area of investment banking.
Before anything else, your pitch book should aim at specifying the subject matter that you are intending to cover. There are three main areas that pitch books offer insight into..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Better GMAT score=better job? How much does your GMAT score affect your career? Will a low GMAT score kill your chances of the job you want? Read Kate's response to a student question on whether or not GMAT scores affect employment.

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To-do lists.

You know what's scary? To-do lists. They can start off as having so much potential, but end up being the bane of existence. Take a look at a few ideas on how to NOT make your to-do lists into little gremlins.

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Application tip

Ever wonder why hairdressers prefer cash tips and even cash payment? Uncovering the real costs of small business, Atlas Obscura gives a great explanation here.

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This Is How To Have A Happy Life: 4 Proven Secrets From Research

That's right -- not only do we have a blueprint for what makes a happy life, you even get four choices. That doesn't mean they're all created equal. As you move down the list, the lives get better -- but more challenging. The first three all have big strengths -- and big weaknesses.

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