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Do I need to live abroad to make a living as an investment banker?

Kate: "“Need” is the operative word here. Of course, the US has an immense background in investment banking, but with an overbearing sense that American banking is overregulated and the economy can be a stifling place for those with bulging wallets, the market abroad is growing ever more attractive.
With hubs sitting across the globe, from London to Hong Kong, it can be a tempting proposition to up shop and move to a place where investment opportunities seem to be “ever-emerging”.
Looking at the figures, though, the public offering of the United States is second to none..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Think the GRE is easier than the GMAT? Think again. If you are doing better at the GMAT practice tests than you are on the GMAT, don't switch to the GRE. GRE isn’t as “easy” as it may seem as the schools seem to prefer higher percentiles for the quant. Remember, the nice thing about Business
School admission process is, if the school really wants you, there are
ways around a mediocre to lousy GMAT results. Read a student question HERE about practice testing and why to sticking to the GMAT will be more helpful to you in the long run."Better GMAT score=better job? How much does your GMAT score affect your career? Will a low GMAT score kill your chances of the job you want? Read Kate's response to a student question on whether or not GMAT scores affect employment.

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How to know if your target B-Schools really 'fit' you.

Whether deciding between the two or three great offers of a place you’ve received for an MBA in the fall, or coming up with a meaningful shortlist of schools that match your personal and professional goals, finding the right fit can make the difference between another degree on the wall, or a life changing experience,” believes Matt Symonds, co-director of Fortuna Admissions, an MBA admissions consulting firm, and author of The MBA Admissions Edge. “Get it right, and it is like the perfect pair of Paul Smith shoes that make your feet sing and match any occasion. Get it wrong, and it’s like spending a painfully long evening in a dress you saw in Vogue that was meant for Kate Moss.

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