Student Case

What undergraduate internships give a clearer picture of the requirements of environmental economists?

"Like most professions procuring an internship in the environmental sciences field can be very important when it comes to landing that job..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

GMAT TIP - With 15 weeks before Round 1 applications drop, now is the time to optimize your scores. Remember, a strong GMAT will help your adcom get past a weak GPA or more limited career experience.

Pacing is incredibly important for maximizing your score. Use this guideline as you study and take the exam: 8 questions every 15 minutes.

On verbal you should move a little faster if you have a chunk of Sentence Correction, but getting your body trained to feel 15 minutes and know that you must answer 8 (or more) questions in that time is a useful trick for test day. My students are asked to do all OG work with that pace.

Application tip

Thinking about getting your Masters in Business? If you live in the United States, many of the top rated schools have already closed their fall admissions. Many students should consider applying for schools in Europe. Five of the top ten rated schools for 2018 are in Europe and many are still taking applications for admission this fall. Also, several schools are opening admissions for January 2021.

Thank you, Mom!

Mother's Day is near. What are some of your favorite memories with your mom? Check out these last-minute ideas if you're looking for an "out of the ordinary" gift for your madre!

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