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How bad would it be to apply to grad school without submitting the transcript of my period at a university?

Kate: You have to submit your transcripts – even if you only take one class. I agree that the level of scrutiny on that poor semester will depend on the program (PhD or Master’s) you apply to.

Strategically, you can increase your chances for admission …”

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Four weeks before Round 1 application submit dates. You're done with the GMAT, right?? If you still haven't nailed the test, you have 3-4 weeks left before either panic or push to round 2 becomes your reality .. . If you are still preparing for the GMAT and you still hope to hit round 1, make sure you are spending your energy wisely. You may be able to do quant work after hours, but you really need to be fresh to get much benefit from verbal. Consider getting up an hour earlier to do your prep before you go to the office. It's not practical for everyone - west coast finance folks, here's looking at you! - but make it happen if it is possible.

Your brain is much happier to absorb material early in the morning. After 6p our brains wind down. You can do work after 6p, but the quality of cognitive performance declines dramatically. In plain language, you may think you work best at night, but all you do at night is busy work. This is based on research that highlights natural performance cycles even when people have been put in caves deep underground so they don't know what time it is. ((Hey, people volunteer for crazy stuff!))"

GMAT Material

Follow your calling or get sick!

This just in, follow your calling or get sick! researchers have found that of those people who identify as having a calling, not following that calling is a worse personal health-crime than the stress of following the calling. No calling? "Those who have no occupational calling at all are better off than those experiencing an unanswered calling," they write in the Journal of Vocational Behavior.

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Application tip

For Round 1:
So you've drafted a first version of your most important essay and you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. That's normal. Here's what some students will do to take the edge off - work on your #2 or #3 choice school first. Yes, you have crushing deadlines heading your way, but by doing a less important application you can work through your thoughts several times before you are putting the finishing touches on the app for your favorite school.For everyone:Make sure you are ready to write about and speak about this adcom staple:

"Please discuss a weakness."

Whatever you do, please do not plan to spin a story about a weakness that is really a strength.... For example, AVOID: I work too hard; I am so dedicated I forget to eat, etc. We're all very, very, very tired of hearing students pretend they have no weaknesses. Show the adcoms that you have enough humility to do decent self reflection.

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How To Get Organized: 2 Solutions From Philosophy And Kindergarten.

Believe it or not, ancient philosophers and kindergarteners can teach us all we need to know about getting things straight.

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