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Should I leave my high-paying job to cofound a company?

Kate: “
You recognize the 16.5% is appropriate. Good. It sounds like you are a technical team member (your salary at that age points to it), but you may not be in a position to drive the company. So many companies are tech-enabled rather than tech plays. MOST companies are this way. In that case, your tech skills are helpful but replaceable. The person who can sell the dream, the concept, the execution gets the spoils.

Why wait? Take the plunge ….”

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

GMAT panic people, though full one-on-one tutoring is officially closed for August - except in extraordinary circumstances, there are still two options for you.

  1. 30-day GMAT prep program is now part of the bundle

    GMAT Material

  2. (1) one-on-one diagnostic meeting with Kate to assess your readiness (online or NYC)(2) GMAT Personal Prep Plan created just for you. Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes specific to your strengths and weaknesses(3) one-on-one private check-in lessons during your course (weekly)Access to your course materials: problems, master-lessons, and video solutions, online and on mobile devices If you need flexibility in setting your meeting appointments, sign up Here

Plan B.

If I can’t get into this field right away, what type of job should I take to increase my chances? via Prepwise Practical advice like this is very relatable to students at this stage in their education, in a variety of different fields. Being strategic about your plan B is often an overlooked element in career planning.

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Application tip

Hopefully you've looked through all the apps for your favorite schools. Notice how similar they are? While they are pretty similar - essay questions look about the same, the spirits are different. If you haven't visited the school, don't know dozens of recent alums and current students, and you won't be able to visit until after you finish the application, take a few days to deep dive on the nature of each program.

You need to understand how the school views itself in the MBA program landscape. Do they think they're the top of the heap? Or do they know their students would rather be at HBS so they're the safety school? A few schools have gone so far as to brand themselves within areas, for example Northwestern = Marketing. But that's only the surface. If you're interested in Marketing, Northwestern might be a great choice if you want to do CPG, but a less stellar choice if you want to focus on Biotech.

Even among "generalist" programs there are very different perceptions among future employers. If you know who you want to work for or with, look at where their people graduated: old grads and recent grads.Want my feedback on parts of your application: add your request here by asking a question. Remember to tag it Ask Kate, MBA so I'll find i!

How to train away from bad habits.

  • One at a time. Beat one bad habit per month and in a year you’ll be awesome.
  • Don’t stop. Just count. Don’t eliminate the bad behavior just yet. First, be consistent in your awfulness.
  • “If” and “Then.” A simple plan for how you’ll beat temptation helps you beat temptation.
  • Plans are good. And with a very simple one you can resist temptation. When do you always perform that bad habit? For instance, “Whenever I sit on the couch I surf the internet endlessly.”
    Okay, now use two words to make a teensy weensy little plan:
    If I sit on the couch, then I will pick up a book.
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