Student Case

Low Quant, High Verbal Score – Should I retake for top schools?

You’re in decent shape. The 47 is low-ish, but isn’t actually “low.” Until very recently 47 was 78th percentile so for many programs 47 is the low number on quant that makes sense. The percentile has changed because of the composition of test takers..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

GMAT panic people, though full one-on-one tutoring is officially closed for Round 2 applicants - except in extraordinary circumstances, there are still two options for you.
  1. GMAT prep program online:
  2. (1) one-on-one diagnostic meeting with Kate to assess your readiness (online or NYC)
(2) GMAT Personal Prep Plan created just for you. Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes specific to your strengths and weaknesses

(3) one-on-one private check-in lessons during your course (weekly)

Access to your course materials: problems, master-lessons, and video solutions, online and on mobile devices.

If you need flexibility in setting your meeting appointments, sign up here .

Search results.

Google’s search results don’t need to deliver the “truth.” So says the search engine’s in-house philosopher.

Application tip

You’ve made it. You’ve graduated, and for right now, it’s all about having that career that you’ve been working towards all of these years. If everything is so good, then how come you feel so wonky? Basically, it’s the transition that’s throwing you off. Kate explains what’s going on with you and gives you basic steps to getting through it. You can read 4 Steps to Reach your Potential here .

Get a better way to track to do's.

"Your productivity really depends on the environment you manage your tasks in and the way your tasks are presented to you. With this in mind, I’m going to look at three options I’ve tested against each other over the past few months and report on what I’ve learned, both from the perspective of the features and from the perspective of the psychology of productivity."

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