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Why is the MBA more expensive than other master degrees at most colleges?

Kate: "It’s the perceived value. Masters in Lit is not likely to generate a great salary post grad. MBA had better or they’ve wasted the degree.

At many schools actual unit/hour/credit must be priced the same, but the additional fees vary wildly. Other schools allow the business school to set the price for units."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

GMAT TIP - With 14 weeks before Round 2 applications drop, you still have time to optimize your scores. Remember, a strong GMAT will help your adcom get past a weak GPA or more limited career experience.

By now you've taken a real GMAT or used the practice test(s), make sure you are focusing on amping up your strengths as well as fixing your weaknesses. The GMAT algorithm penalizes big weaknesses.

Don't understand probability and combinatorics?
Don't understand Number Properties?
Keep your eye on the areas that matter.


It's harder to break bad habits than it is to start good habits, especially at work or school. Discipline in maintaining healthy habits not only increases your productivity, but it also gives more purpose to everyday life. "until we’re willing to work seriously on how we work, we’re in for an unpredictable and bumpy ride."

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Application tip

A new MBA student in a business serving a cyclical industry had better be ready for recessions and booms. But the classmate working in healthcare should allocate far less time to business cycle issues." Think macro economics isn't that important? In this article, Bill Conerly makes his case on how macro economics -- not micro-- is of more value to an MBA student, along with showing an opposing argument. A little rusty on your basic economics? Read Kate's short explanation and Fairy Tale example, here.

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This is how executives diagnose and treat their biggest weaknesses.

In this hyper-competitive environment, the modern executive needs better tools to help evaluate where their company's headed. Being able to cooly diagnose weaknesses allows leaders to control for a key variable—their own natural human biases. Robust, and innovative diagnostics help to seal the ship.
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