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What are my chances to get into a top school with very low GRE score?

Just in case the question is changed along the way, here’s the original question:

“What are my chances to get into a top school with very low GRE score? I did not have time to study for GREs but my GPA is 4.0, research experience from top universities and strong recommendation letters from two recognized scientists in my field.” First, I work with candidates across several technical and non-technical (MBA) programs each year. Second, I too pursued a PhD in a technical field.

So, it is with a great deal of experience that I say, I hope no one considers you given your blase attitude toward the GRE. Yes, it is a cr*p test. It is too simple to game. All the more reason you should be summarily rejected. You couldn’t even be bothered to work a simple – dead simple, 6-8th grade level – test? Shame on you..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

GMAT TIP - With 11 weeks before Round 2 applications drop, you'd better be finishing your GMAT prep. If you still haven't nailed the test, you have 3-4 weeks left before either panic or push to next year becomes your reality.

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Tutoring is available on a limited basis in November and December so please help me help you - get on the schedule sooner rather than later. As a loyal reader you get dibs over strangers.

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Keep cranking! If you have a goal, we have a plan. - Kate

Fun One.

I enjoy homemade tortillas, check out this out-of-this-world - literally -recipe

Application tip

Round 2 bound: Have you asked for letters of recommendation yet?? It's that time.
Make sure you've thought about the case you want your MD, Partner, Director to present on your behalf. What they write doesn't have to be all glowing positivity, but it should (on average) demonstrate your capacity to handle yourself maturely, manage people effectively, accept feedback graciously, and implement said feedback efficiently.Should you pre-write the letter for him/her? Technically NO! However, you may want to draft bullet points to remind him/her of the work you've done together.

Raccoons getting city smarts.

"Unlike many animals, raccoons “flourished rather than receded in the face of human expansion,” Pettit points out in an article for the American Psychological Association.1 Part of the reason for their success may be that the urban environment has contributed to their intelligence. In humans, the effect is well known. Educational psychologist Walkiria Fontes has compared the cognitive abilities of rural and urban children on two metrics: crystallized intelligence, which is associated with experience, and fluid intelligence, which is the ability to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge. She found that urban rich kids have the edge with both kinds of intelligence. But even poor urban students scored better than poor rural students in fluid intelligence."

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