Student Case

Which top-20 schools should I consider?

You have a strong set of choices for top 20: Emory, Washington Foster, Tepper and Texas Mccombs. I am less immediately familiar with Foster, but have known logistics candidates from Emory, Tepper and McCombs. You would be in good company there.
Regarding other schools you may want to consider..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

When prepping for the GMAT remember to train with timing. I ask my students to answer all official guide material timed - always, never answer real, retired GMAT questions just for sport. Train your body and mind to perform in discrete chunks so that the pace of the test won't catch you on test day.

4 questions in 7 minutes, OR 8 questions in 15 minutes.

This timing works for both verbal and quant sections. Once you've answered the batch of questions (4 or 8 minutes) then thoroughly review. Every. Time.

While checking your answers, use the A-E process for each question - yes, even if you got it right! Put a few words with each answer choice on every single question. It may sound tedious, but if you do this, you will see how to walk right through every question type on the GMAT. It can be straightforward, if you're willing to look. So your write up of a Sentence Correction question might look like this:

  1. broke parallelism compared insurance to premiums
  2. broke parallelism comp prepositional phrase to noun
  3. broke parallelism with a pronoun
  4. parallel and s-v agree
  5. broke parallelism comp prepositional phrase to noun, s-v agreement prob

Use the A-E process to master the GMAT in a flash! Want more tips like this, sign up for the


Disagreement is not wrong, but there is an art to disagreeing well. Maintaining respect for yourself and the other person is key to expressing a different opinion, as well as kindness. "But the greatest benefit of disagreeing well is not just that it will make conversations better, but that it will make the people who have them happier....You don't have to be mean when you have a real point to make."
How to disagree.

Application tip

It's easy to use filler words like "um" and "er" instead of pausing in conversation or speaking slowly - particularly in NYC. However, it's a habit that is unprofessional and gives your listener less focus and interest. This article names 4 ways you can improve your everyday speech, such as recording yourself. When playing it back, listen for the circumstances you use “ums” and “errs”. If you are aware of those circumstances, it makes it easier to avoid them moving forward.

Improve your speaking patterns.

Not enough for you? Might be time to work with a Diction coach. A properly trained Diction coach can help you unwind a lifetime of bad habits. The speaking habits you picked up at age 8 may not be what you need to carry you to age 38.

How you sound to others can determine how fast you climb....

Women in medical school.

"Tokyo Medical University for years doctored the test scores of female applicants to admit fewer women because school officials believed that once women got married and had children they would be unable to fulfill their emergency shifts at hospitals.

Japanese media reports said today (Aug. 2) that the university had since 2011 been altering the test scores of females to make them lower after it recorded a growing number of women getting accepted to the school. The test scores were rigged so that no more than 30% of the successful candidates would be women.
In this year’s entrance exam, only 30 women were accepted, compared to 141 men, the Asahi newspaper reported.

An unnamed official of Tokyo Medical University told the Yomiuri newspaper (link in Japanese) that the practice had been conducted at the school with “quiet consent,” and that it was seen as a “necessary evil” because of worries that women will drop out of the workforce once they become pregnant. The Nikkei newspaper cited an unnamed source (link in Japanese) as saying that the school wanted to ensure it could have sufficient doctors working at its affiliated hospital."

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