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How do I start my GMAT preparations from scratch?

Kate: “do start with a practice test. To be more specific though, start with the practice test from the GMATprep software that you download for free at The Official GMAT Website ( It is the only one authorized…”

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

GMAT TIP - Nine weeks before Round 1 applications drop. You're done with the GMAT, right?? If you still haven't nailed the test, you have 3-4 weeks left before either panic or push to round 2 becomes your reality . . .

There's no time to waste. If you're using private label material such as ManhattanPrep (formerly Manhattan GMAT) or kaplan/princeton review/veritas be careful how much you extrapolate from the practice tests. Better yet, don't use their practice tests. At all.Use the free tests available from You'll get tests from the maker of the test and much higher quality questions to answer. The tests will give you a more accurate picture of what the test will feel like test day.

GMAT Material

Passion and Interest

You think it’s time for Business School and you have no idea what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. One of the first things that you need to know is the difference between passion and interest. Knowing this will allow you to more closely align your career goals with your passions.

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Application tip

Tap those networks!
If you're headed to Business School you should be interested in the network you are about to tap into. If you aren't, either don't go or take a look at why you aren't.

Some students feel networking is a slimy thing that should be avoided. Guess what, you're networking constantly. Every conversation, project, conference call is leaving an impression on the other party. That's what networking is - getting to know each other. Networking is not just trading favors. Business is largely about relationships. You can be the expert in your field, but without relationships, no one cares and you'll be broke. Choose a school you want to represent and whose network you want to tap or don't go to business school. The classroom knowledge you gain can largely be acquired through diligent reading and application (largely, not perfectly...).

Notes from Kate.

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