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My major is not directly related to finance or economics. Can I still get a job as an investment banking associate?

Essentially, all that is required to get into investment banking is a degree. While many entry-level investment bankers will be in possession of a relevant degree – something along the lines of business, finance, economics, or administration – there is no absolute demand for relevant degrees in order to qualify for the role.
Candidates are selected for a number of reasons..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Not a lot of people can say they actually like math or enjoy solving math problems. Indeed, most people will say they hate math because they are not good with numbers, problem solving and any thing complex. This leads to people becoming discouraged when it comes to taking math courses #statistics.

But you use this stuff every day. Are you adding to cart based on seller reviews? Choosing from a Seller with 100% 5 stars versus 93% may seem like a no-brainer until you see a paltry 10 reviews for the first and 200 reviews for the second. SO which do you choose?

Here's a 12 minute video that does a pretty thorough explanation of a statistics concept most of us misunderstand.

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    "All graduation ceremonies are relatively the same. Usually a speaker gives a motivational pep talk, students walk across the stage, tassels are turned, caps are thrown, and then families go out to eat.
    But the 2018 graduating class of North Brunswick High School in Leland, North Carolina, prepared a special surprise for their families and faculty members during their graduation ceremony."

    Have a feel good moment.

    Application tip

    You’re looking at an MBA from a top school because of the future earnings potential. This is going to be costly and depending on your financial situation, you may be considering taking on a substantial amount of debt.... Before you take on that debt you need to look at some hard facts. Kate’s LinkedIn article, Millennials are f*ucked,
    will give you some things to consider before taking that step and also some tips for what to do, if you’ve already incurred that debt.

    Prepwise Plans.

    If you do not yet have the 1-year or the 3-year plan at (if it's been a while, all students are now on either a pre-grad school 1-yr or 3-yr plan, or an Acorn plan - which is more like aggressive executive coaching), when you do sign up I secretly add 3 quick check-in appointments and access to office hours to your account so you can get the help you need.

    All plans include ALL of the school application materials: thought exercises through interview prep. For those considering the MBA you can also add all of the GMAT courses that so many of my students have used to kick their scores into high gear ... plus the unadvertised 1-1 time.

    It's all still there for you. Now you know about the behind the scenes extras. These gifts are for all of my students
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