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How much training beyond medical school would I need to become an immunologist?

After you’ve earned your medical degree you will need to complete a residency program Immunologists usually do a residency in internal medicine or pediatrics which requires 3 years of training. Afer your residency you will complete a fellowship. A fellowship in immunology generally lasts three years. Residents have a chance to see patients with immunological disorders and diseases under the supervision of a licensed physician. Once you’ve completed the fellowship..."

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If you haven't finished up the GMAT and you are planning to apply in 2020, let's get you done! The Core Prepwise Membership includes the 30-day GMAT course as well as the basic materials you need to put together an excellent application. It's a package deal for less than the cost of a live gmat class.

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This week, focus on your career thus far. If you have a resume, print it out so you can edit in the margins. Do you use action verbs to describe your efforts so far? Are you choosing appropriate experiences that relate your actual activities? Have you embellished? Be mindful that some schools have taken a precautionary step to verify select portions of an applicant's resume. You sign over the right to do that when you apply. Not sure if your experience is strong enough? Send me a note. We can set up a time to discuss your experience and how you stack up against your peer-applicants.

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