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I wanted to pursue an MBA but after 4 years of working now I feel that an MBA is a waste of time. What do I do?

"This is a question I get to discuss almost every day. Despite having a business that focuses on getting folks into top bschools, I frequently encourage candidates to do something else for at least a little while. Here are the when to go and when to wait/not go."

"Here’s my break down of when to wait or not go:"

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Understanding Percentiles:
Did you know that 47Q/34V are both approximately 70th percentile?GMAT percentiles confuse students all the time. What determines your overall total score is the WEAKEST scaled score between your quant and verbal. In the case above, the Verbal scaled score of 34 will actually prevent the student from crossing 700. A scaled score below 35 on either quant or verbal will keep 700 out of range even when the other score is considered perfect at 51.

Percentiles reflect the population taking the test.
Because the GMAT is taken by a population that tends to be stronger in quant than verbal, the verbal percentiles are higher at the same scaled score. For example, Quant score: 46 is just below 70th percentile, but a Verbal score: 46 is 99th percentile.

The individual percentiles do not determine your overall all score nor your overall percentile. Keep your eye on the scaled scores if you want to maximize your GMAT score.

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Take A Break.

Take a break every once in a while. Myths about Psychology.

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Application tip

Think any MBA will do? Think again. The MBA is a signaling device. You’re telling the market
that you were willing to invest time and money to earn one. So it baffles me when students say, “Oh, I just want a top 10 MBA,” as though
they are interchangeable....

Each program has it’s merit but most programs make grand claims that they do it all. They really don’t. So before you spend thousands of dollars applying to schools, get clear on what you want out of them. The school can grant you an MBA, but it can’t help you magically switch from a terrible job to a dream job. The onus is on you.

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Time Management.

Not the best with time management? You're not the only one. Each of these five tools proved to be essential when it came to managing Rebecca's time in college. her “to-do” lists and schedule kept her on track; taking small steps and making time for friends and community kept her sane; and, her study partners helped hold me accountable for using her study time as efficiently as possible. With these five tools, she usually found ways to keep procrastination at bay, which helped her develop better time-management skills. (find to do list picture in archives)

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