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Student Case

Given your GPA is well below average for any school in your list, your chances of presenting a strong application are very, very low. HOWEVER!! All is not lost. If you can put up a very strong GMAT and your resume points to your tremendous potential, you may be able to get an interview..."

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Hidden Upwork Economy.

2021 has been a garbage year for many. Some are now freelancing or contemplating such. This article points to how you might consider evaluating a freelance marketplace such as Upwork - the ones that seem to be the lowest common denominator type spots. "Hidden Upwork Economy consists of 3 key parts that fly totally under most people’s radar — a sort of perfect storm for Upwork badassery." If you are depressed with the horrendously low paying gigs, read this article. It isn't all sadness. But you do
1. Need a strategy
2. Need to follow the STRATEGY not your "gut"
3. Get off your ass, get it done.

If your gut were any good at this, you wouldn't be in this position.

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What Should I Be Doing?

It's not the what we have trouble with really; it is the how. Before you make some resolutions or dream of a better life ... someday, dig into how well you have done with the How of your goals.

Here's an example based on advice you've probably given and received....

Yep. We've all heard it. Do you feel better when you hear it? No? Most of us don't and yet, we say it to each other as though it is relevant advice (it isn't. So stop that.)

When you are having an anxiety attack, the person telling you to relax is ineffective and sucking up valuable oxygen. Fuck em. If you want to help someone, show him HOW to relax when he is having the anxiety attack. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.

Happy New Year. May 2022 be a big improvement over 2021!
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