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Columbia vs Booth

" Great question. So the background helps. While both booth and cbs send plenty of folks into MBB, I am not aware of a strong Health Care practice presence in Chicago but am very aware of one in/around NYC (and Boston and SF).

If you want to do health care, be in a health care driven area. If you want to do consulting, be near the office that runs the health care practice. Runs it. Not “sends folks into the field periodically,” but runs the HC practice. Where is the head HC MD located? Where are #2, #3? Be near them.

What do I mean by near? ..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Most of my students wind down on GMAT prep in January. It's cold in NYC but turns out that just leads to more sleeping and less studying so today's tip recognizes that a teacher can't push you to the books. Here's some light reading for a break in the day. Jezebel piece on how to grab a piece of NYC rental action without breaking the piggy bank. Why live in the boroughs when you can live it up LES-Style.

Mastering challenges.

"Mastering new challenges involves an outpouring of mental, emotional, and physical effort. Sustaining that effort over an extended period of time depletes your energy. Burnout can happen when the amount of energy required consistently exceeds the amount of energy you have available."

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Application tip

Haggling vs Negotiation. Haggling is not the same as negotiation, but both are arts. There is a time and a place for each, and each has importance in your workplace. Get the details on the how and when in the workplace.

Negotiate or haggle?

Smart to execute.

You have a new goal. Maybe it’s January and you’re ready for a fresh start. Maybe it’s July and you’re ready for change. Regardless, you’ve got the vim and vigor to make this happen.

But then you worry. People abandon their goals all the time. After six months, for example, over half of New Year's resolution makers failed to stick to their plans. How will your attempt be any different?

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