Student Case

After being a Playboy in the past, will any B-School in the US admit me or take me into consideration?

Kate:I’m responding because the question provided a laugh. Thank you for that.

Most of my male students would consider themselves playboys . . . and most of them go to the best of the best bschool.

But as other posters have stated, your English …”

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

When prepping for the GMAT remember to train with timing. I ask my students to answer all official guide material timed - always, never just for sport. Train your body and mind to perform in discreet chunks so the pace of the test won't catch you on test day.

4 questions in 7 minutes,
8 questions in 15 minutes.

This timing works for both verbal and quant sections. Once you've answered the batch of questions then thoroughly review. While checking your answers, write A-E for each question - yes, even if you got it right! Put a few words with each answer choice on every single question. It may sound tedious, but if you do this, you will see how to walk right through every question type on the GMAT. It can be straightforward, if you're willing to look. So your write up of a Sentence Correction question might look like this:
  1. broke parallelism compared insurance to premiums
  2. broke parallelism comp prepositional phrase to noun
  3. broke parallelism with a pronoun
  4. parallel and s-v agree
  5. broke parallelism comp prepositional phrase to noun, s-v agreement prob
Use the A-E process and master the GMAT in a flash!

GMAT Material

Application tip

Have you asked for letters of recommendation yet?? It's that time.

Make sure you've thought about the case you want your MD, Partner, Director to present on your behalf. What they write doesn't have to be all glowing positivity, but it should (on average) demonstrate your capacity to handle yourself maturely, manage people effectively, accept feedback graciously, and implement said feedback efficiently.Should you pre-write the letter for him/her? Technically NO! However, you may want to draft bullet points to remind him/her of the work you've done together.

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Feeling ADD/ADHD? You may have it or it may be the case of modern life. Focus is a learned skill. You have to train to focus. Build your Focus muscle just like you would build your body at the gym. Start by clearing your head.

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When it comes to learning things in the workplace, not all lessons are easy to learn. Often times, lessons that produce the most growth are the hardest ones. Here's 5 Lessons You Must Know to improve yourself in your career.

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