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Retake GMAT again? Three tries (600, 640, 710)- White, Male, Midwesterner, 25

You demonstrated decent progress on the GMAT. It really is only 1 factor in your admission. If your quant score is below 47 you may (probably) will get some pushback. But a school that really wants you won’t care (that much). Consider it basically done. Only revisit if you get rejected without interviews. If you get interviews and get rejected –..."

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Test tip

GMAT Prep, Final Week. Let's say you're heading into your final week of GMAT prep right now. What should you cover before you take next Friday?

Friday (tomorrow) Review: Fractions-Decimal
Master Chart, Exponent rules, how to answer DS questions - particularly Yes/No
.Practice: DS Yes/No questions.
Saturday: Practice Test from GMATPrep
( Review the verbal with full A-E process.
Sunday: Rework Quant from practice test. Verbal
[A] SC x1, Cr x1, RC x1. Monday: Verbal [A] SC x1, CR x2, RC x2. Tuesday:
Quant [B] 2x 20 minute sets, Verbal [A] SC x1, CR x1, Wednesday: Quant one random set Verbal one random set. Thursday:
No more than 2 hours of random sets. 30-60 minutes is sufficient. Focus on the
problems within the first 75 questions in each Official Guide Section. Friday:
Warm up with 5-6 medium-easy quant, 3-4 SC and 1-2 CR. Keep the work light.
Work with material you know you know how to answer properly. Build up your confidence
and go knock it out!
> [A] = Choose problems in sets of 8 from
the OG.
> SC range 64-132
> CR range 66-114
> RC any passage, 8minutes per 4
> [B] = Choose in sets of 10, no more than
20 minutes
> DS range 46-116
> PS range 84-200

Addresses are old school

A new way to think about locations, What 3 Words.

I'll see you at ///simulation.outrages.redeeming

Application tip

Despite being one of the greatest (if not the most celebrated) guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix never fully embraced his acclaim.“I don't really live on compliments,"

He mused during an interview onThe Dick Cavett Show. “As a matter of fact, they have a way of distracting me. I know a whole lot of musicians, artists out there who [hear] the compliments and [think] ‘Wow, I must have been really great,’ and so they get fat and satisfied and they get lost and forget about their actual talent and start living in another world.”Success changes people, sometimes to their own detriment. On one extreme you have those who, upon realizing a major achievement, lose sight of the fact that self-improvement and learning is a lifelong process.On the other extreme we have the self-proclaimed impostors; people who feel that they don’t deserve success or the praise that comes with it and for whom every achievement is tainted. Despite their past successes, they still see themselves as an impostor who will be found out eventually.
Certain personality and attitudes make the prevalence of Impostor Syndrome more likely. What to notice about yourself and those you support:

Low to moderate Self Esteem, Low success implementing Goals, Extreme Perfectionism and Job dissatisfaction. Perhaps surprising are the measured traits that are less likely to predict Impostor Syndrome:Grades in School, Age (though some data supports that it gets better after 40) and Socio-economic status.The socio-economic status surprised me. The difference in measurement terms of those who felt as an impostor was within a rounding error when measuring against those who earn less than $25,000 annually versus those who earn over $100,000. Feeling like an Impostor? Improve your self esteem. It was the largest driving factor. -

Time management.

"It’s not like you don’t get stuff done. You do. You’re good at planning and executing and… well, you used to be good at focusing. But if we’re being honest: if you were focused, you’d have more to show..."

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