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"All business schools require either a GMAT or GRE and have shown a big preference for the GMAT rather than the GRE. If you want an MBA, you probably should take the GMAT."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Have room for improvement? Here's how to Fix Your GMAT in a few bite-sized steps. March is a great time to tackle this. Please do not wait for July or August if you plan to apply Round 1.

First step, find out what you actually need to improve. Feel free to dig around my responses at based on your scaled scores. Scaled scores range from 0-60 (technically, though above 51 is practically impossible). You have a scaled score for math and a scaled score for verbal. Do not be distracted by your percentiles. Use my comments on that specific score to get started. More next week.

Thought for the week.

Are you a renter or a buyer? In the past 5 years the shift from buying (cars and clothing) has "exceeded" expectations. We're just not buying anymore. Or is that just the perception from the coasts?

From Product Hunt, "The rise of renting."

Instead of buying cars, Gen Y is hailing Ubers and Lyfts. Instead of buying clothes, the group is renting occasion pieces through Rent the Runway. Rather than spending thousands $$$ on couches and chairs, they're borrowing furniture on Feather to better suit a more nomadic lifestyle.

Application tip

Not sure what you need to do next? Career, life, GMAT, MBA, GRE? New job, new location, just need a sympathetic ear, I'm here for you.

Use office hours to connect when you need a push or a verbal hug. I've got ya'.
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Prepare to win.

Manchester United long time coach Alex Ferguson has been called the greatest coach in history. He lead United to 13 English League titles in his 26 seasons as coach. One of his drivers for success was simply "Prepare to Win."

Preparing to win means practicing how you will perform if you are behind and time is running out. Do you panic or do you press forward aggressively and systematically?

"We practice for when the going gets tough, so we know what it takes to be successful in those situations.... There is more to the idea that winning teams are rooted in habits. Winning teams can execute clutch moment plays almost automatically....

"Other teams get into a huddle before the start of a match, but I did not do that with my team. Once we stepped onto the pitch before a game, I was confident that the players were prepared and ready to play, because everything had been done before they walked out onto the pitch."

What this means for you:
Not happy where you are now? Not happy with your prep success yet? Don't panic. Just concentrate on getting the task done.

"... the joy of winning when you thought you were beaten is fantastic.... it is amazing to see what can happen in the dying seconds of a match."
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