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Preparing for Graduate School Applications be it Business School, Law School or an Academic Masters is non-linear. It can be challenging to know what you need and when you’ll need it. After a few years of watching how my students used the online resources I decided to just simplify the process for you. No more buying each class and then wondering if you are on track. You have an overview document to help you understand where you are in the process even when your goals are fuzzy.

You are ready.

Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Understanding Percentiles:
Did you know that 47Q and 34V are both approximately 70th percentile?

GMAT percentiles confuse students all the time. What determines your overall total score is the WEAKEST scaled score between your quant and verbal. In the case above, the Verbal scaled score of 34 will actually prevent the student from crossing 700. A scaled score below 35 on either quant or verbal will keep 700 out of range even when the other score is considered perfect at 51.

Percentiles reflect the population taking the test.

Because the GMAT is taken by a population that tends to be stronger in quant than verbal, the verbal percentiles are higher at the same scaled score. For example, Quant score: 46 is just below 70th percentile, but a Verbal score: 46 is 99th percentile.

The individual percentiles do not determine your overall all score nor your overall percentile. Keep your eye on the scaled scores if you want to maximize your GMAT score.

Messy Handwriting?

You may help a future scholar. Transcribing "unreadable" handwriting wakes up an unexpected part of the brain.
Try for Yourself

Feeling religious when you take a test? Researchers at Yale and Columbia may have found the Spiritual Part of the Brain..

Application tip

A former student recently thanked me for encouraging him to skip bschool in favor of more professional development. It's a dicey thing - to tell a student not to pursue the MBA - given that all of my students believe they need the MBA to move forward. My LinkedIn post Fears of the Modern 24 year old resurfaced this week and speaks to this idea. The student in question? His former MD asked him to open a new fund, upping his participation, his title, and his responsibilities. He's doing great.

Don't let fomo waste your best life.

Get Your Machines in Order.

Have you been scribbling notes on your ipad in one app and your iphone in another? Do you have files left over from your college days? Where's the most recent copy of your digital resume?

Before you apply to Business School, or even if you're already in, consider cleaning up your desktop, phone(s), and tablet. Don't just store more, get it sorted.

A frequent challenge for students going through the application process is staying on top of versions for each essay. It's frustrating to think you've changed a sentence only to see it re-surface the broken way - may leave you wondering where you made the change and what other changes are missing….

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