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What can I do to improve my skills as an investment banker?

It may sound obvious, but the very best way to improve your skills as an investment banker is to immerse yourself in the role as much as possible. Whether that means meeting with your peers, asking questions, and being unafraid of embarrassment, failure or making the odd mistake.
On top of trial and error for your own conduct, analyses the habits, trends and methods of other successful investment bankers is a great way to pick up tip and tricks to the trade."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

GMAT TIP - With 22 weeks before Round 1 applications drop, now is the time to optimize your scores. Remember, a strong GMAT will help your adcom get past a weak GPA or more limited career experience.

Pacing is incredibly important for maximizing your score. Use this guideline as you study and take the exam:

8 questions every 15 minutes.

On verbal you should move a little faster if you have a chunk of Sentence Correction, but getting your body trained to feel 15 minutes and know that you must answer 8 (or more) questions in that time is a useful trick for test day. My students are asked to do all OG work with that pace. There is no compromise on that.

TB-Sniffing Rats?!

Let me introduce you to TB-sniffing rats. These trained rats consistently sniff out Tuberculosis 70% of the time, besting current medical tests that range from 20-60% based on other conditions the patient may have. As much as we associate rats with the ugly side of urban living, it's becoming more clear to me in research that our rodent neighbors are incredible creatures.

Pizza Rat gets all the play, but here's a story of tiny rodent heroics.

Application tip

It's difficult to succeed professionally without criticism of some kind throughout our career. It's even more difficult to determine which criticism is helpful and edifying, and which criticism is not.

"It’s worth reemphasizing that listening to feedback is an important part of developing as an individual. And sometimes, we want to ignore feedback, when we should listen to it. But, if you treat all feedback the same, feedback itself will lose value – and ultimately not help your career."

Four Types of Feedback You Should Ignore.


If you are planning for the MBA or are interested in Business even if you are not sold on the degree, you may be aware that Capitalism gets a pretty bad rap outside your circle.

This piece gives support for the notion that you can be a conscientious capitalist. How about solving global poverty? You can do well and do good.
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