Student Case

Chances of deferring enrollment

“Lee, excellent question. There’s not a single answer, but here are some thoughts.
  1. If you are otherwise light on work experience – for example only 2 years (doesn’t sound like it, but just in case) – they may be willing to look at another year as advantageous.
  2. If you already have 5-6 years of work experience, it’s hard to justify one more year particularly in a relatively similar role at the same company.
  3. If your job will change dramatically –..."
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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Much like last week, a small detour from the normal GMAT prep tip - because so few of my students are really prepping *cough* *cough*

Walking! Why do it? Does it really do anything for you? The science behind walking.

"From Beethoven to Steve Jobs, many creative powerhouses of history came up with ideas during long walks. But does research show this actually helps, or are these just anecdotes?"

Work and fortune.

"Shortcuts, like winning the lottery, may feel good temporarily, but can affect our ability to achieve long-term happiness. For almost all of us, life as usual means earning a living. We may not relish every commute or deadline, but our pride and self-worth are elevated through work..."

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Application tip

Why do we want to be CEOs? Perhaps because 20mm a year is a salary option. Develop the traits and the connections to get yourself into that role ... How to get there.


Confidence is a critical, and often missing, component of success among my students. This is partially a result of a social and parental messages, and the encouragement of trust in institutions by our schools. Adults need to learn independence, a middle way between trust and naïveté, the acceptance of our shortcomings, and the realization that our lives are limited in duration.

Let's get meta. Consider thoughts on Confidence.
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