Student Case

What jobs can I get with a BS in biochemistry?

If you are willing to write consistently, continue to do research or delve into areas of scholarly concern, then you can choose to carve your own path.
A small note to my science candidates, but also anyone with a serious area of expertise.
No matter what you next choose to do professionally, people will search for you online..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

Think the GRE is easier than the GMAT? Think again. If you are doing better at the GMAT practice tests than you are on the GMAT, don't switch to the GRE. GRE isn’t as “easy” as it may seem as the schools seem to prefer higher percentiles for the quant on the GRE versus the GMAT. Remember, the nice thing about Business School admission process is, if the school really wants you, there are ways around a mediocre to lousy GMAT result. Read my response to a student question about practice testing and why to sticking to the GMAT will be more helpful to you in the long run.

Application tip

Thinking MBA? Now is the time to get the GMAT out of the way. Application considerations can start in June for US-based programs. There are a few International programs still open for applications (for example, INSEAD), but you need to get your plan together before you start slinging MBA applications willy-nilly. If you think you'll apply Round 1 2020, now is the time to make sure all of your stats are juiced up. Stats too late to fix (most likely): GPA, Current Career choice. Fixable Stats: GMAT, Service record. More on that next week!

The ever-growing wishlist.

The ever-growing wishlist. We all do it. And here's how to get it under control.


Let's talk success. How you start the day can get you moving in the right direction, but sometimes you just don't "feel" like getting out of bed, lacing up your running shoes, etc. But many of us notice that if we just sleep in we don't actually feel any better through the day.

So how do you hop out of bed when you're meant to with great vigor?? (or at least enough energy to get to your first thing to do in the morning)

So how do you get started on the right foot each morning?

Look at how you go to bed. Are you relaxed or in a hurry? Do you feel peaceful or harried?

If you finish up (even very small) a task just before you go to bed it can bring you more calm and also - incredibly enough - an internal sense of accomplishment. Your brain can't wait to do more tomorrow.

"but I don't have time to finish that book, dusting the whole house, etc."

Yep, understood. And you don't need to do something big. Think small and 100% do-able. Wipe down the bathroom sink after you brush your teeth. No one is making you do it - no one will die if you don't do it, but a simple act accomplished sets your brain up for more successes.

Or read for 15minutes. Choose something simple. If it's a never-ending task (like reading), define a short time frame: 5-min, 10-min, 15-min to wind yourself down and also solidify your accomplishment streak.
Have a great weekend!​

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