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What are the key skill requirements for a career in private equity?

"Private equity is capital invested in private non-public companies that offer superior long-term return on investment. Investors include high-net-worth individuals, pension funds, charitable endowments and sovereign wealth funds. Private equity funds are often structured as limited partnerships, with partners taking an active role in the operations of portfolio companies. Successful private equity fund investors need a combination of technical and people skills.
Private equity fund management requires financial skills..."

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Tips for Applicants

Test tip

The 30-day GMAT prep video program now can speed your way through the preparation process. Check it out here in the ASAP Less than 1-yr to prep or the Two years to grad school. Any one can sign up to go through the course. The Two Years to Grad School program is best for folks who are not in a rush to finish.

Music and focus

Music is great for focus, but finding the right genre of music can determine how successful you are at completing tasks. Read the 6 Types of Music for Maximum Productivity, According to Science.


"Ever been caught in the grip of extreme emotions? I’m gonna guess whatever decision you made next probably wasn’t a good one.
When we’re anxious, angry, or sad, we rarely do the smart thing. And that can seriously mess up our lives. At work, in love, or pretty much anything we do, we need emotional strength to stay cool and do the right thing.
Now dealing with the ups and downs of feelings isn’t anything new. And nor are some of the best solutions. So let’s look at what some ancient wisdom has to say about dealing with difficult emotions."

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Application tip

Just like undergrad applications, MBA programs want to see that you've engaged in the service side of your community. Other programs - PhDs, Masters in non-Business disciplines, seem to care much, much less about this. If you haven't been very active serving your community, now is not too late. I hae some pretty strong opinions on the Do and Do NOTs here after watching thousands of (frankly) piss poorly considered plans from MBA applicants over the years. Do improve your record, don't be the idiot.

Tips on improving your community service record:

  1. Engage with a community organization that is well run and (preferably) well recognized.
  2. Choose to work with a group you've worked with in the past. Consistency is helpful, but not required.
  3. Be willing to put some effort in: spearhead a project, land a new grant, new donor or devise a new funding source. 4.Find a group/community/concept you care to stay involved with for the long haul, not just through application season.
  1. Start your own Charity with your bros who are also applying to business school. You are wasting valuable resources and you are not credible!!
  2. Choose a charity or community group because you think the admission committee members will like it or because committee member X serves on the Board.
  3. Join just to put the name on your resume. It won't fit if you aren't able to demonstrate significant impact.
The basic advice is this, if you aren't going to make an impact in the mission for the group, reserve your time to develop yourself and your career in other ways. Community service is a good to have, but it's only really useful on your application if you can point to your specific leadership development - that's more than tactics and tasks, it also concerns who you are as a human. Most applications have a spot to include awards and activities. That's where your community service will most likely go. If you've been an athlete in the past, get involved with the Junior group or a developmental league. If you identify as religious, work on the mission with your peers. Find a group and activity that will help you knit our collective fabric together better.

Community service is a chance to remind ourselves of the greater good and to bring our communities closer together. Business School is about training future business leaders. Yes, we want you guys to care about your community. No, we don't want you pretending to care. If you don't have anything outside yourself that you care about - perhaps take that up with a therapist - don't just do the service because you think it will advance your application. It won't. Community service only advances your application consistently when you demonstrate your constancy.
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