Ask Kate low AWA, 720?

Is 720 good enough? Does AWA matter? Hint . . . yes and no. Well, Yes. Then No. Confused? Watch. See Prepwise channel on youtube for full length video: Ask Kate GMAT 720, does AWA matter?

Answer for Gmat score of 740 Q 49 V 42 IR 5 AWA 6 Do I need to retake due to low IR?

HI Yousef, Don’t sweat the IR. No it isn’t good, but it won’t kill your app. Your Q of 49 is fine and the 42V is fine. You are done with the GMAT! Celebrate! Ding for the score after the request for interview – can happen. They’ll take interviews with more candidates than they hope … Read more

Gmat score of 740 Q 49 V 42 IR 5 AWA 6 Do I need to retake due to low IR?

Hi Kate, Going through your Q&A has been great. I am hoping that you can advice me on my current situation 1).  I took the GMAT for the second time this month after 2 years since my first attempt which was a 680. I got the 740 I was after but I completely bombed the … Read more

Ask Kate: Does High AWA Make up for Low Verbal on GMAT?

Hi Kate, Thanks for the detailed post on the scoring and scaling! I took the GMAT in early May and scored a 680 (Q49, V34, IR6, AWA6). – this is my first attempt I am a non-native speaker. However, I was surprised with my verbal score because my English skills are pretty good. Also, I … Read more

GMAT 730 (Q48 V41, IR 5, AWA 5.5) – Planning for INSEAD or top American MBAs

Hi Kate ! I recently passed the GMAT for the first time with the mentioned score above. The only disappointment I have is with regards to my IR score, during my practice tests I almost always got an 8, once got a 7. I emigrated to Canada from Europe, where I graduated from undergrad a … Read more

Answer for What are my chances to get into a top school with very low GRE score?

Just in case the question is changed along the way, here’s the original question:   “What are my chances to get into a top school with very low GRE score? I did not have time to study for GREs but my GPA is 4.0, research experience from top universities and strong recommendation letters from two … Read more

Where is cybercrime really coming from? | Caleb Barlow

Everybody thinks or feels that being on the computer is a safer way to store records instead of having physical copies. They feel the physical copies can be stolen easier and do have a password. However, cybercrime is one of top crimes committed on a daily basis. It is becoming to easy for people to … Read more

VERY low verbal, OK Quant – Minority ethnicity – Do I need to proof my English proficiency in a retake?

Ask Kate: If verbal is low, proofing English proficiency may be necessary in a GMAT retake.     Hi Kate, My question is also about my GMAT score like most people here. I got 700 (Q49,V35), which was surprising to me since I was always better in Verbal than Quant in any other exams I … Read more

GMAT 730 (Q48 – 73%ile, V42 – 96%ile, AWA 5, IR 5). Which schools could I target?

Ask Kate: Indian MBA applicant has a GMAT 730 with Q48 and V35. Which MBA programs will accept this score?     I am a 24 year old Indian male, and I have been working in a Fortune 500 steelmaking firm for close to a couple of years now. I took the GMAT about three … Read more

Ask Kate: Overall GMAT under 700 with Low Quant

Sometimes You Have To Retake The GMAT More Than Twice.     Hi Kate, Thanks for your eval! I took the GMAT twice – in December scored 650 (Q39, V41, IR3, AWA6). Went in for a retake this week and scored a 690 (Q46, V38, IR6, AWA6). I’m concerned that this score is sub-700 and … Read more

Ask Kate: 710 Overall GMAT Score with an AWA of 3.5

How Much Does An AWA Score Matter?     Hi, I wrote GMAT for the first time and scored 710 (Q-50,V-36, IR-7). I’m a male IT engineer from India. I’m worried about my scores in AWA. The score is 3.5. Should I retake the exam? Is it going to be a big hurdle for me … Read more

Ask Kate: Masters Degree with Low GMAT Score

Hello Kate, I took GMAT for second time and scored 620. The breakdown is Q48/V28. The GMAT results are not too different from when I took it the first time. I have a Masters in Aerospace Engineering with 3.8 GPA and a 8 years of work experience. What word of advice do you have for … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Lower than Practice Tests

Make sure you have the fundamentals down before taking the GMAT.       I took the GMAT for the first time today and scored a disappointing 610 (Q45, V28). I was particularly shocked when I saw my verbal score. Despite being a non-native english speaker I scored V41 and V39 on my two GMATPrep … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score with AWA of 5

Does AWA Matter?     Hi Kate, I scored 48 for quant, 40 for verbal, 8 for IR but a 5 for AWA which is a 60 percentile score. Does the AWA affect entry to any of the top schools? Hi GL, the only time I would be concerned with an AWA score is if … Read more

Ask Kate: Engineer with Low Quant on GMAT Score

If your quant on the GMAT was low, you probably need to retake.     Hi Kate, I recently took the GMAT for the first time, and I scored a 710 – 6.0 AWA, 7.0 IR, 41Q, 46V. Strangely, I actually have a quantitative background, as I am a former engineer who now works in … Read more


As we come to understand more about the body – how it interacts internally and externally – our common wisdom changes. The best advice I’ve been given so far is … Everything in moderation, including moderation. Staying fit is as much about what you put in your body as what you do with your body. … Read more

Bankruptcy Research

Disruption from the Vantage Point of the Disrupted3/20/19 Read Time = 10.1 a$$-kicking minutesTwitter: @petition; Website: petition.substack.comBecome a paid Member today: Subscribe nowThanos Snaps, Retail Disappears👿Long CMBX.BB6 CDS?!? Short $CBL.Mar 20Public post⚡️Announcement⚡️This one is longer than usual. Pour yourself some coffee and enjoy. Next week’s Wednesday and Sunday editions will be for Members only. If you’re not a paying Member, … Read more

Shorting Research

What is shorting? Try this Infographic to start. What is Short Selling? Short video from the Wall Street Survivor. Investopedia Quick Guide to Short Selling The Basics of Shorting Stock In a nutshell: If I short a stock, I am borrowing Michael’s shares, selling them to Larry now at $50/share and expecting to buy them … Read more

Government Subsidies Research

Here are some infographic-heavy articles. Who receives government benefits, in six charts Transparency: How Much Does the United States Subsidize Energy We now have a dollar value for one of oil’s biggest subsidies What does the federal government spend your tax dollars on? Social insurance programs, mostly U.S. Government Agricultural Subsidies  9 Shocking Facts About … Read more

Opium v Wheat Research

Opium research UN World Drug report Geared at a teen audience this is the just say no crowd ( A practical handout written by a recovery center ( From PBS the folks who bring you Big Bird. Compares/Contrasts endorphins to synthetic opioids ( HHS data on opioid use/deaths is pretty good ( Map of Canada’s … Read more