Ask Kate GMAT Score report 720, 51/35, retake GMAT?

720 is a good GMAT score. A 35 verbal score is not very good. If you apply with a 720, it will not kill your chances. If you have been in school overseas, schools will want to see you perform English better. Improving your verbal score on the GMAT is the best way to do … Read more

Retake GMAT again? Three tries (600, 640, 710)- White, Male, Midwesterner, 25

Ask Kate: 710 GMAT score after multiple GMAT attempts. Good enough for top 10 Bschools or retake GMAT?     Hi Kate! I took the GMAT three times in 2013 (scoring 600, 640, then a 710). I am a 25-year old man, live in a small Midwestern city, work for a well known global professional … Read more

Answer for Gmat score of 740 Q 49 V 42 IR 5 AWA 6 Do I need to retake due to low IR?

HI Yousef, Don’t sweat the IR. No it isn’t good, but it won’t kill your app. Your Q of 49 is fine and the 42V is fine. You are done with the GMAT! Celebrate! Ding for the score after the request for interview – can happen. They’ll take interviews with more candidates than they hope … Read more

Gmat score of 740 Q 49 V 42 IR 5 AWA 6 Do I need to retake due to low IR?

Hi Kate, Going through your Q&A has been great. I am hoping that you can advice me on my current situation 1).  I took the GMAT for the second time this month after 2 years since my first attempt which was a 680. I got the 740 I was after but I completely bombed the … Read more

GMAT Retaker What You Need to Know

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Answer for Q43 V30 overall 600. Should I retake the GMAT?

Hi Maryam, Columbia is too competitive to submit with a 600 unless you have extenuating circumstances (if you’ve saved 12 villages in your home country and cured dolphin cancer for example) . . . and even then, you’ll need to retake to prove you’ve given it sufficient effort. So in brief, yes, they have accepted … Read more

Q43 V30 overall 600. Should I retake the GMAT?

Hi Kate, i am really keen on getting into a good b-school. preferably columbia business school. it’s the school that best fits my post MBA goals. i now have a gmat score of 600. Q43 V30. Should I consider retaking the GMAT or should I spend time working on my applications?

Answer for GMAT retake

You either need to retake and really, really get that verbal up, or you will want to look at non-US schools more heavily. The V25 is just death to a top US program. The overall score is too low as well. Your overall score puts you in the both half of the class at third … Read more

GMAT retake

Hi kate do I need to retake my GMAT (Q50, V25, 620) AWA 5.5 and IR8. I am an engineer with masters degree and 6 years of experience willing to go for MBA at a top european or US school.


When to Retake the GMAT Few things are crystal clear in the MBA application process. At most good programs you will be evaluated on far more than just your GMAT score. At mediocre programs the score is more likely to be a deciding factor. So how do you decide when to retake and when to … Read more

Ask Kate GMAT Score report, 700, should I retake the GMAT

A 700 GMAT is score is good. There are categories that you are scored on in the GMAT. Each of them is very important. If you have taken it once, then you should take it again. You can take it up to three times and get a better score. If you write great essays, then … Read more

When to Retake the GMAT

Do You Need to Retake the GMAT?   When accepting candidates most institutions prefer to see more than one set of results. Even if your test results are acceptable it is best to try and take the GMAT again in the near future before submitting applications. There have been candidates turned away with strong backgrounds … Read more

Ask Kate GMAT Score report 680 Q42, V41 Should I retake

Time Management and the GMAT: What to Expect   Kate gives advice on attending business school to a student who is deciding whether to continue studying to improve her quant score on the GMAT or work on her essays. Working full-time is no excuse to not prepare. Time-management is key when preparing for the GMAT. … Read more

I have a GMAT score of 710, but my quant score is only 42 (my verbal was 44). Should I retake for top schools?

Ask Kate: GMAT score of 710 with quant 42 and verbal 44.  Retake the GMAT for top business schools?     I have a GMAT score of 710, but my quant score is only 42 (my verbal was 44). Should I retake for top schools?

Hi Kate,Do i need to retake my gmat (720, v96% q 67%) Masters in Engg fm NTU interested in PhD (Strat Mgmt)

Ask Kate: GMAT 720 and aiming for PhD in Strat Mgmt. Retake the GMAT?     Hi Kate,Do i need to retake my gmat (720, v96% q67%) Masters in Engg fm NTU interested in PhD (Strat Mgmt)

Ask Kate: GMAT Score Dropped After Retake. Should I do Another Retake?

Hi Kate Thank you very much for your feedback. I am a European candidate and my target schools are Booth, Haas, Kellogg, Sloan and Stern. I have taken the test twice. The first time I took the gmat was on January 2015: Jan 15: IR 3 (25%), Q45 (63%), V41 (94%), T700 (89%) I was … Read more

Ask Kate: When to Retake the GMAT

If You’re Aiming For The Top 15 MBA Programs, You May Need To Take The GMAT More Than Once.     Hi Kate, I just sat for the GMAT and walked away with my unofficial score of 710: 43Q (56%) and 44V (98%) and 8 IR (92%). I’m confident I got at least a 4.5 … Read more

Ask Kate: Should I retake when GMAT Quant Score is so Volatile?

What Are The Most Effective GMAT Resources?     Hi Kate, I took the GMAT for a second time and got a 690 (43 – Q, 41 V) , the first time I got a 680 (42. 42). I have a 3.95 GPA in finance and work in management consulting. I’d like to take it … Read more

Ask Kate: Is GMAT Retake Necessary, if not Targeting Top 5?

You Should Always Aim For Top 10 MBA Program.   Hi Kate, I recently scored a 700 on the GMAT with a lower quant score than in many of my practice tests, but much higher verbal (Q42 V44). I also did much better on the integrated reasoning than any of my practice with a score … Read more

Ask Kate: How Should I prepare for my Next GMAT Exam Retake?

Knowing How To Prepare For The GMAT Is Crucial.     Hi Kate, Please let me know how I must prepare for my 3rd shot at GMAT? (Yes, I’ve already decided to retake). I’m an Indian IT guy targeting US top 20 MBA programs. So my target score is 730+. Total Work Experience: 7 years … Read more