Anger Derails Negotiations, Unless You Have a Plan

Anger is a bad idea for any negotiation. No one ever responds well to that. They get defensive and you won’t win them over. You have to have a plan when you’re going to deal with people. If you don’t it will be too easy to get angry which ruins everything. The best way to win in any negotiation is to stay cool and calm and to state your case that way with no anger.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research shows that blowing your top is a good way to scuttle a deal, since angry people tend to make irrational decisions that lead to lower offers.
  • Angry people tend to make lower first offers and irrationally reject perfectly good deals.
  • The research team suggests that coming up with an if-then plan is practical strategy for helping people stick to their guns during challenging negotiations

“From union-management negotiations about sick pay, to car dealers haggling with customers, to parents discussing bedtime with their children, it is hard to imagine a negotiation where anger does not play a vital role,” the researchers write. β€œIt has been amply shown that anger usually impairs outcomes for at least one of the parties.””

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