AP Reading List – Book-A-Day: 100 Years of Solitude


Today's pick for the AP #Book-A-Day challenge is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.Author:  Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Category:  Fiction

Overview:  Using seven generations of the fictional Buendia family, Marquez explores how both our past and our vision for the future shapes our lives.

What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room:

Chris: “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.  This novel, about one family through 100 years, explores the theme of how our past molds our future.  One of the great novels, this is one you should read more than once.”

Ethan: “If a Spanish Soap Opera were to come to life, it would look exactly like this book. Page by page, it can be nearly impossibly to keep track of who’s sleeping with whom, who ran out on whom, and who shockingly passed away; but it certainly is a entertaining read.”

Hannah:  “I absolutely adore Marquez’s style of creating magic realism. It’s so tangible, and so juicy, and just so entirely relatable. He reminds me so much of Faulkner – everything that comes out of him is just 100% style. He has this whole way of creating these worlds that are immediately familiar and immediately alien. I really struggled with keeping all of the characters separate – I think that’s mostly a flaw in my own American culture though. Ultimately though, I really liked how hard it was. It’s a meaty book. There’s no nibbling here, just big bites that get taken.”

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