AP Reading List – Book-a-Day: Bee Season

MylaGoldberg_BeeSeasonAuthor:  Myla Goldberg

Category:  Fiction

Overview:  Goldberg explores how family dynamics change when one of the members, Eliza, changes.

What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room:

Chris: “When the ordinary achieves greatness, not all the fallout is positive.  The story of a spelling bee that sets off a series of events that will forever change one family.  I love this family and was fascinated by the journey each went on.”

Ethan: “It’s impossible to ever look at the National Spelling Bee in the same way. I thought a book about a spelling bee would be dull, but Bee Season is full of secret rooms and mysticism; I was entertained.”

Karen: “A coming of age story about the need for perfection, God, loss, obsession, and isolation. This book has many complexities that are surprising and this makes it incredibly interesting and enthralling.”


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