AP Reading List – Book-a-Day: Brideshead Revisited

brideshead revisitedAuthor:  Evelyn Waugh

Category:  Fiction

Overview:  A middle-aged soldier reminisces on his earlier life at Castle Brideshead.

What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room:

Chris: “Everything changes — houses, faith, love, and memories. Sometimes, the change is for the better.  This story broke my heart, but I couldn’t stop reading it.”

Ethan: “I’ve read plenty of novels about the poor obtaining wealth and being destroyed by it. However, Waugh starts with wealth and transforms it into gluttony.”

Karen: “Set before World War Two, Brideshead Revisited tells of love and the feeling of being included. Charlie is in love with his friend, the family, the estate and the life that the wealthy society people of that era could live.”


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