AP Reading List – Book-a-Day: Crime and Punishment

Crime and PunishmentAuthor:  Fyodor Dostovesky

Category:  Fiction

Overview: A broke student rationalizes murder in order to better himself.

What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room:

Chris: “Is murder every justified?  This book argues that it just might be.  It can be turgid and dense, but the story is immensely compelling.”

Ethan: “Few novels take such a personal approach to the human capability for crime and violence. While Raskolnikov’s actions are appaling, his justification shows how often we overlook the same flawed mentality.”

Rebecca:  “It’s long, but is it possible to sum up human existence in brief? In Crime and Punishment, Dostoevsky gives us all of the things that make life brilliant and saddening – judgement, punishment, redemption, love, good, evil. He draws us in by connecting us so intimately with the characters, by the end, we’re there with them, we ARE them.”

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