AP Reading List – Book-A-Day: Idylls of the King

If you love the story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table, then you'll love today's #Book-A-Day suggestion:  Idylls of the King by Alfred Lord Tennyson.Author:  Alfred Lord Tennyson

Category:  Poetry

Overview: The tales of King Arthur and his knights set to poetry.

What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room:

Chris: “Tennyson took the Arthur legend and turned it into verse.  It is very long, very dense, and completely addictive.  Read this in its entirety at least once.”

Ethan: “In this collection of narrative poems, Tennyson tells the story of King Arthur through the lens of his masterful verse. While the poems themselves could stand on their own, the reading the collection as a whole reveals a great deal about Tennyson’s writing and Victorian England.”

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