AP Reading List – Book-A-Day: Oedipus Rex

The Greek classic Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is today's book for the AP Reading List #Book-A-Day challenge.Author:  Sophocles

Category:  Drama

Overview: As a baby Oedipus is a cast our of his home because of a prophecy that he would one day grow to kill his father.  The story follows what becomes of Oedipus.

What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room:

Chris: “The tragic flaw was not invented by Shakespeare.  It all started here in the story of a man who cannot escape his destiny.  There’s a reason it’s probably the most famous surviving Greek play — it’s wonderful.”

Ethan: “Having already read Oedipus Rex helped me numerous times throughout college. Whether the professor is discussing Freud, dramatic irony, or early theater, he or she expects the class to be familiar with this play.”

Hannah:  “I always felt like Oedipus Rex should be on every high school required readings lists. There’s something about immersing yourself into this horrifying tragedy, especially through the format of a play. There’s just so much raw emotion and horror that the reader goes through. Oedipus often ends up the butt of jokes in contemporary society, but it’s hard to read the play and not just feel your heart wrenched out by what happens.”

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