AP Reading List – Book-a-Day: Ship of Fools

Today's choice for the #Book-A-Day challenge is Ship of Fools by Grace Conlin.Author:  Katherine Anne Porter

Category:  Fiction

Overview: A look at the rise Nazism via travelers on a ship traveling from Mexico to Europe.

What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room:

Chris: “A diverse group of people sail from Mexico to Germany.  A long read, it shows us that what we wish for may be the last thing we really want.”

Ethan: “World War II serves as a subject or inspiration for numerous twentieth-century works. However, Katherine Ann Porter’s novel about a group of travelers sailing to Europe may just be the most unique take on event.”

Hannah: “One of my favorite novels covering the 1930s. It’s so easy to sink into this novel and think about World War II in a different perspective – her characters are rich in depth and conversation, and it’s difficult to not become completely immersed (assuming you can keep up with the long list of them, that is). It’s one of those books where you just enjoy the journey of reading it – it’s not a quick bite, but a long, delicious meal.”

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