AP Reading List – Book-A-Day: The Stone Angel

The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence is our suggested AP reading.  #Book-A-Day.Author:  Margaret Laurence

Category:  Fiction

Overview:  One of the books in Laurence’s “Manawaka Series” about life in a small Canadian town.  Laurence explores how our sustaining forces not only help us, but how they also harm us.

What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room:

Chris: “As Hagar Shipley is facing her death, she looks back on her life.  One of the greatest Canadian novels for a reason.  It is brilliant.”

Ethan: “Although it might be difficult to empathize with a narrator who is 90 years old, the plot and style of narration in The Stone Angel forces readers to consider how their older self will one day look back its youth.”


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