Ask Kate: 47 Quant on GMAT is Baseline for Bschool

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I was hoping you could help give me some advice. I recently took the GMAT and on the first take received a 700 with a 47Q 40V split. I am targeting top ten schools so the quant score is a little bit low. These days a 47 quant is only in the 68th percentile, my verbal at least was in the 91st percentile. Do you think I should give it another shot and try to boost my quant score? or is my time better spent working on my essays?

To give you a little bit more color, my cumulative GPA is on the lower end at a 3.3 (upward trend – last 60 units were a 3.7). I double majored in Accounting & Finance with my Finance GPA being a 3.8 and Accounting GPA being a 3.3. I also have a Masters of Accounting from a top 5 program that was a 3.5.

BaselineHi MT, I still use the 47 as the minimum line for business school applications. Even though the GMAT quant percentile has slumped downward particularly sharply in the past 3 years, it is sufficient. The rest of your profile sounds generally fine. You’ll want to produce OUTSTANDING essays. Go for the gusto. MBA admissions is a competitive sport. You’re basically a candidate in the middle of the pack – as are most students. So be authentically outstanding.

Leave the GMAT alone until you get push back from the program of interest. Best!


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