Ask Kate: 650 GMAT Score with Low Quant

No matter why you take the GMAT, a decent quant score is important.



Hi Kate , I just gave my gmat today and was disappointed with my scores 650 q44, v 35 ir 7. I’m planning to go for masters in finance or masters in mangement. Is my score good enough or should I retake the gmat ? My undergrad degree is in commerce with a gpa of 3.7. Please advise

650If you are aiming for a top tier MF or MFE program, you should retake. The score and especially the quant scaled score are just too low. A top notch Masters in Finance program will have very competitive candidates. Q44 won’t cut it. You want to raise that to 48+. They won’t care as much about the verbal. But the verbal will impact your overall score. The advantage to cleaning up verbal is to position yourself with the employers who recruit MF and MFE candidates. They want to know you have high function in English. A high GMAT score gives them that confidence. Few recruiters understand how the GMAT works, but if you know that they don’t understand, you can position yourself better by understanding how to look better. Get your verbal up and definitely fix that low quant.

Good luck!



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