Ask Kate: 710 GMAT Score and Wants Top School

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Hope all is well. I have finance/accounting undergraduate degree from a top tier business program and I took the GMAT twice. On my first attempt I got a 680 (47q 36v 6 awa 7ir), and I recently took the test again and scored a 710 (47q 40v 6 awa 6ir). I have a background in investment banking and corporate strategy and am currently a live and online course instructor for banking and corporate finance professionals at a well reputed financial training firm. Should I be concerned with my quant or ir scores if I’m aiming for Kellogg, Stern, Sloan or Columbia? I’m stretching for harvard, Stanford and Wharton. I’m a male US citizen of South Asian descent. Thanks in advance!

Top SchoolHi HC,
Depending on the admission cohort you get assigned, you may have some push back – the schools determine who gets to read you. Are you read by adcom focused on IB+PE folks or Consulting or Retail, etc. Even in the FINC bucket, I would expect the GMAT push back to be minimal. You basically earned a regular check mark on your second test with the 710, (47Q). Depending on how you describe your current experience and where you plan to take yourself, you may be able to avoid the FINC adcom readers. It isn’t that many (as percentage) of the IB+PE candidates are doing that much better, but there are soooo many that enough will have done much better. So consider how you craft your application strategically.

For scores you’re aiming at – check mark.
For reach schools – check mark and check minus (GSB is score-brutal).

Focus energy on the app. I’d leave the GMAT alone unless you’re applying in future years (for class of 2018 or later).


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