Ask Kate: 710 Overall GMAT Score with an AWA of 3.5

How Much Does An AWA Score Matter?




I wrote GMAT for the first time and scored 710 (Q-50,V-36, IR-7). I’m a male IT engineer from India. I’m worried about my scores in AWA. The score is 3.5. Should I retake the exam? Is it going to be a big hurdle for me in getting into an MBA program?

3 AWAHi Rajat,
The AWA is not likely to be of much concern – itself. Your bigger challenge is likely to be your profile as compared to your peers. If you have an outstanding profile (experience, letters, essays), your score is fine. If you have a more average profile, you may want to try a two-pronged approach: 1. retake aiming to get your verbal to 42+ (fix the awa too) and 2. target programs where you can win them over – visit, engage students, faculty, and admission officers (Flattery will open doors). This is a sustained effort. Start now if you’re applying in 2016 – double time if you’re applying in 2015.

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