Ask Kate: 730 GMAT Score with Low Quant

Student scores a 730 on the GMAT. Good enough for top MBA programs?


Hi Kate,

I scored a 730 the 2nd time I took the GMAT (47Q 68%, 42V 96%). The first time I scored a 700 (49Q 79%, 36V 81%). Should I be concerned about my low quant score (in particular the percentile) if I am applying to top 10 MBA programs? I did not take any quant courses in undergrad, and my work experience isn’t particularly quant related.


730Hi AJ,
You’re in good shape. The 730 and the 47 on quant are sufficient. I would not expect any adcom pushback on that GMAT score profile. You’re set. No more worries about the GMAT. Start cracking those apps!

Good work. Best wishes with your endeavors!

**Side note: if you get any pushback on the low quant, point to the first test. Quant of 49 is great. The jump from GMAT 1 to GMAT 2 represents a solid performance. It can work to your favor – you saw the weakness, you fixed it.


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