Ask Kate: Consultant GMAT Score and Engineer GMAT Score are not Comparable

How Do Your GMAT Scores Compare With Other Candidates?



Hi Kate,

I recently took the GMAT and received an overall score of 710 and scored the following in the breakdown categories: Q47 (68th percentile) and V41 (94th percentile), and IR 6/12 (67th percentile). My quant and integrative reasoning scores are lower than I would like them to be but I am trying to figure out if it is worth it to take the GMAT again. I am hoping to apply to a top 15 MBA program. This was my first try at taking the GMAT so please let me know your thoughts!


ContermporariesHey Sani,
Good work on the 710. Don’t sweat the IR score. Take a look at the candidates you will be compared to at the top 3 schools you most care about. In other words, if you are a consultant now, look at the scores of other consultants at those 3 schools, not the whole class. If you think you’re in the bottom half of that pool, retake. A second score won’t hurt you and it would be a shame to get passed over as less than competitive because you are getting compared to a subset of the class.


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