Ask Kate: EMBA job placement

Q:Executive MBA: If I take EMBA from a top tier US business school, will I get a job in the USA? I have 7 years work experience as Accounting Supervisor.

emba job placement

A: The EMBA is a relatively lousy way to get a job in the US. Some schools will grant you access to career resources – but others will NOT. While EMBAs used to be exclusively sponsored candidates, it is now expected that up to 40% will be paying for themselves in part or whole, but schools still expect that you have a job and will go back to that job*.

Unless you already have a visa that allows you to work in the US without further sponsorship, don’t expect an EMBA program to be a good way to transition to work in the US.

It isn’t impossible, but the odds are very much stacked against you.

*Fun EMBA fact: sponsored candidates frequently leave their employer 2-4 years after finishing the EMBA. Raises and increases in responsibility are not as forthcoming as expected, and the EMBA itself expands the candidate’s network and perspective on opportunities. EMBA program Career resources have not yet caught up with this.

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